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Check out our new all-in-one cordless battery platform Discover Nuron

Cordless Fastening Tools

See Hilti's fastest and cleanest tools for installing MEP and drywall track, plus how Nuron batteries make fully electric fastening tools even more efficient

See Hilti's fastest and cleanest tools for installing MEP and drywall track, plus how Nuron batteries make fully electric fastening tools even more efficient
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Worker installing drywall / drylining track on the floor using a BX 3-22.

Discover Battery-Powered Fastening

Switch to cordless for cleaner, quieter, more efficient fastening

Looking for an alternative to gas-actuated direct fastening or drilling and anchoring? Battery-powered, combustion-free nailers are faster, quieter, easier to use and more economical. Most important, they deliver the performance your teams expect.

And with the latest Nuron cordless platform, you get more reach, comfort and connected features for optimising your workforce.

Switch to battery-powered nailing and fastening

No-compromise performance

Engineered for faster operation and higher productivity, these tools fasten to concrete, steel and some types of masonry – no drilling, no anchors and no jobsite restrictions.

Cordless, not combustion

No more costly gas cans or cartridges to buy, store, handle and dispose. Plus BX 3 cordless tools are quieter, have lower recoil and require less cleaning and maintenance.

Fully compatible platform

Cordless fastening tools use the 22V batteries and chargers you already have. For longer run time from a compact, self-optimising battery, explore our latest Nuron platform.

Worker fastening wooden track placopan on floor with BX 3

More Options, many applications

Battery-powered fastening for most MEP and interior finishing work

Whether you're spending all day fastening cables, conduits and junction boxes overhead or installing miles of drywall track, our BX 3 tools help you work more efficiently and comfortably. They're faster and quieter than gas-actuated tools and produce less dust and vibration than drilling. And for grating and bonding tasks, the BX 3-BT handles threaded studs.

Unlike with some combustion-actuated tools, battery-powered direct fasteners don't require special training or permits, so you can get to work immediately.

a worker checks a battery-powered direct fastener with a smart phone

Fast, hassle-free Fastening

Jobsite-friendly features that help you do more for longer

No gas, no problem. Battery-powered nailers use powerful mechanical drives that better match the rhythm and speed of your work while delivering more consistent fastening quality. You'll also see lower recoil and fewer jams, so less downtime down the stretch.

Take advantage of the easy-loading magazine and new refill indicator. Send tool health updates, usage stats and repair information directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you'll be the first to know if the tool needs service—even before taking it on-site.

All-Day Cordless Nailing

BX 3-22: For when you're ready to ditch gas for batteries

The BX 3-22 direct fastener brings even more speed and extended run time to battery-powered nailing. Whether you're fastening to concrete or steel, the BX 3-22 can drive up to 850 fastening points on a single charge.

As part of the wide-ranging 22V Nuron platform, its compact, high-output battery is well suited for overhead work. And with advanced state-of-health diagnostics and cloud-connected features, you'll work with fewer interruptions while optimising your tool park.

No-compromise fasteners

The same fastening technologies you're already using

Developed alongside our BX 3 tools to increase their performance, our collated galvanized-zinc-coated nails offer everyday solutions for fastening drywall track and elements such as cable fasteners, conduit fasteners and ceiling clips to concrete, masonry, filled block and steel. 

For X-BT applications, our threaded stud pins can tackle grating, grounding and temporary fastening tasks without the hassle of combustion.



Introducing our brand-new BX-S spacer

Introducing our brand-new BX-S spacer – an innovative accessory that simply attaches to your BX 3 fastening tool for precise spacing every time.

By projecting a laser ring around the nose of the tool, it’s easier than ever to maintain a standard distance between fixings, which in turn minimises the risk of re-works. Simply turn the dial to adjust the radius to one of five different spacing options (300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm & 800 mm) for accurate and stress-free fastenings.

Work more comfortably

Direct fastening involves a lot of physically intense and fatiguing overhead work. The EXO-O1 wearable exoskeleton helps reduce strain so you can be more productive.

Shop EXO-O1 wearable exoskeleton

Prefer a powder-actuated tool?

It's OK, we understand. Our range of powder-actuated tools have all the power you need for direct fastening to very tough concrete, whatever the task.

Shop powder-actuated fastening tools
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