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Battery-powered Cut-Off Saws

Show me powerful, practical and fully electric cut-off saws for masonry, metal and concrete up to 120 mm (4-3/4") depth

Show me powerful, practical and fully electric cut-off saws for masonry, metal and concrete up to 120 mm (4-3/4") depth

Discover battery cut-off saws

The performance of petrol cut-off saws without the hassle

What if you could forget about fumes, noise and fuel-mix issues? And what if flooded engines and broken pull cords were a thing of the past?

When you use our battery cut-off saw products, together with blades we've optimized for speed and run time, you can get the same work done as with 60cc petrol cut-off saws – but without the hassle and extra costs of petrol.

Get more out of our cordless cut-off saws

More cutting speed

Get the same power as 60cc petrol cut-off saws so you slice faster through concrete, masonry or metal.

More cuts per charge

Maximise your run time - with 2x2 B22-255 batteries the DSH 700-22 can cut as much concrete as with a full tank of petrol.

More jobsite safety

A faster blade brake stops the tool within four seconds – about half the time of petrol cut-off saws.

More jobsite convenience

Run all your tools – including heavy-duty cut-off saws – on the same high-performing 22V Nuron battery platform.

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Hit the ground running

Petrol-like performance for ground facing jobs with the DSH 700-22 cordless cut-off saw

For heavy-duty jobs like cutting concrete slabs, expansion joints, metal deck or kerbstones, choose the DSH 700-22 battery cut-off saw.

The DSH 700-22 comes with a rear handle for extra comfort when you're doing floor-focused tasks. And when you pair the tool with our specially designed blades you'll get performance similar to a 70cc petrol-cut off saw. Need more run time? Put 2x2 B22-255 Nuron batteries in the tool.






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More power – less weight

Get the performance of petrol or higher in a mobile battery cut-off saw

Doing paving work, cutting curbstones or metal, or making new openings in concrete? The DSH 600-22 gives you the power you need for quicker cuts up to 120mm – all in a tool that's built light enough for comfortable handing in any direction.

For jobs where lower tool weight is key, use two B 22-170 Nuron batteries. Need more run time? Put two B 22-255 Nuron batteries in the tool.

Want extra flexibility when working outdoors? Add our portable DWP 15-22 water supply system and you're good to go.

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Safer cutting work

Protect your crews with a faster blade brake and lower tool vibration

Our cordless cut-off saws give you the following safety benefits:
  • Extremely fast-acting blade brake: stops the disc spinning within four seconds 
  • Less dust: cut dust exposure to allowed limits with our DWP 15-22 battery water pump when you are working outdoors – or indoors where allowed. You can also cut dust exposure by up to 50% with our dedicated DSH-DRS dust removal system.  
  • Vibration lower than <2.5m/s2: Active Vibration Technology (AVR) comes as standard  
  • Elimination of fumes and lower noise levels




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Blades built for your cut-off saw

Diamond blades and cutting discs optimized for your tool

The SPX Universal A diamond blade has been specially developed by Hilti for optimal cutting speed and cuts per charge when you're cutting concrete and masonry. With a diameter of 300mm and a thinner blade core, it uses less power during cutting. That means you can work longer between recharges.

For the best possible performance when cutting metal, use our durable and powerful SPX metal cutting disc.

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Cut concrete...and tool costs

Get lower running costs and a longer lifespan for your cut-off saw

No one likes to spend extra money. Here's how using our battery cut-off saws can help you save on tool costs:

  • Elimination of fuel costs including purchase, storage and transport
  • Lower maintenance costs as battery-cut off saws have fewer wearable parts
  • Up to double the tool lifespan thanks to a brushless electric motor