With the new 22 V Nuron battery system you can operate over 70 tools for light to heavy-duty applications. Nuron batteries and devices are designed to handle even the most challenging tasks, with no need for cabling.

While in the past, a range of different energy sources and systems have been used for light, medium and heavy-duty applications, Nuron delivers maximum battery performance on a single battery platform. It means you can benefit from less complexity and more flexibility in your fleet of tools.

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More power for your projects

2 times the

as existing 22 V Hilti batteries

60% more

in many of our new Nuron tools

0 effort

when it comes to handling
different battery platforms

Full power for your tool fleet

A person is doing overhead work with the Hilti Nuron SID 6-22 cordless impact driver and a B22-55 Nuron battery.

NO CABLES, NO LIMITSThanks to Nuron, it’s now possible to do tasks that were impossible in the past without wired tools. This is thanks to the new battery interface which has been completely redesigned and ensures an optimum transfer of power to the tool. With Nuron rechargeable batteries, you always get maximum performance for your work. That means that your teams gain flexibility AND freedom. So there’s no longer any need to rely on a multitude of energy sources, including petrol, cables, 18, 20, 36 or more volts. All without losing any performance.

An image shows an example of use of reinforcement bushes with the Hilti Nuron TE 60-22 cordless rotary hammer.

No cables, no compromise

Nuron achieves power that is up to twice that of comparable 18 V and 20 V platforms. For really demanding tasks, such as cutting or lifting concrete, Nuron batteries can be combined in pairs within the same device. But even when it comes to light or medium-duty applications, the power of the platform helps to make more cuts and screwing faster, helping to get things done rapidly.

Even for the toughest jobs

Even powerful Nuron tools such as demolition and combi-hammers, grinders and angle grinders run can on 22 volts, thanks to the high battery capacity on offer. Nuron-powered devices tackle even the toughest tasks thanks to longer battery life and more battery power.

Cuts concrete effortlessly

A worker cuts concrete with the Hilti Nuron DSH 600-22 battery-powered angle grinder.

Where previously a whole tankful of petrol was needed, the Nuron DSH 600-22 cordless cut-off saw manages to cut just as much concrete, but with only two sets of Nuron batteries.

Runs longer on each battery charge

Hilti Nuron TE 60-22 rotary hammer in use

The Nuron batteries and new brushless motor of the SDS Max cordless rotary hammer TE 60-22 last up to three times longer per battery charge.

Clean work

Hilti Nuron SC 30 WR-22 cordless circular saw when cutting wood

The SC 30 WR-22 cordless circular saw uses Nuron technology to achieve up to three times more speed and up to double the run time, compared to previous models.

Compact design, great performance

Hilti Nuron SID 6-22

The SID 6-22’s high speed and torque ensure fast drilling and screwing. The compact, lightweight design also prevents fatigue.

Discover the Hilti Nuron devices

Currently, more than 70 Nuron devices are available, with many more to come.

TE 2000-22

TE 2000-22 cordless breaker

The extremely powerful Hilti battery-powered breaker excels, working at the same level as a tool on mains power, but entirely without cables. The light weight of the tool and the low vibration offer the user maximum efficiency and the best user protection simultaneously.

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DSH 600-22

DSH 600-22 cordless cut-off saw

Ready for anything: thanks to the powerful Nuron batteries and optimised saw blades, with two Nuron battery packs, you can cut as much concrete as with a tank full of fuel.

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TE 60-22

TE 60-22 cordless rotary hammer

The efficient cordless rotary hammer for drilling and chiselling works just like a mains-powered device. This means you have another device on our 22-volt platform for maximum productivity, with safety features like active torque control (ATC) and active vibration reduction (AVR).

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SC 30 WR-22

SC 30 WR-22 cordless circular saw

The new SC 30 WR-22 cordless circular saw increases productivity on the construction site with a cutting depth of 70mm and achieves 60% more work progress per battery charge.

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From connectivity to occupational safety – Nuron offers all these advantages

Maximum power is by no means everything – with Nuron, you can make your projects ready for the challenges of the future. Read below to discover what other features Nuron has to offer.

Hilti Nuron replacement battery on a Hilti Nuron SID 6-22

One battery platform for more than 70 tools

From light to heavy duty applications, all Nuron devices can be operated on just one 22 V battery platform.

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BX 3-22 connected to the Connect App

Connectivity: for increased productivity

Data-based services help with battery management and simplify tool planning and management.

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A person works with the Hilti Nuron TE 4-22 cordless rotary hammer.

Health and safety: protect your teams

With Nuron, we have come up with innovative solutions to ensure the highest possible levels of user safety.

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Two hands holding the Hilti Nuron TE 4-22

An overview of Nuron

Learn more about Nuron and the features that our new battery system has to offer.

Nuron at a glance

The advantages of Nuron

Nuron brings these innovations to your industry

The Nuron battery system has been designed to meet the needs across a wide range of applications – from dry construction to industrial installations. Read on to find out how to best use Nuron in your field.

Demolition work with the TE 2000-22

Structural & Civil Engineering

Nuron makes it possible for you to undertake heavy-duty applications without petrol or cables. The new battery interface offers you the performance of a mains power supply unit.

NPR 32 XL-22 cordless hydraulic pipe press tool with the Hilti Nuron B22-55 battery

Heating & Air Conditioning

Maximum performance with optimised weight: the improved Nuron tools facilitate overhead work and installations of all kinds. Thanks to the analysis based on data, you always know which devices are in use.

Nuron battery-operated angle cutter cutting metal

Steel & Metal Construction

With up to twice the performance of existing battery-powered tools and offering improved ergonomics, our Nuron tools are perfectly suited to steel and metal work.

A drywall rail is attached to the ceiling using the Hilti Nuron BX 3-22

Interior Finishing

Whether it’s grinding, cutting, sawing or overhead work, the robust batteries and ergonomically improved Nuron tools protect your employees - increasing their working comfort.

A person using the Hilti Nuron SF 4-22 to drill

Electrical Engineering

Thanks to having just one platform, you can operate a large number of the devices you need every day using a single battery system. This reduces charging pauses and increases your productivity as well as flexibility on site.

Hilti Nuron SIW 6-22 cordless impact wrench in use

Energy & Industry

Effective when working with steel, concrete or masonry. Thanks to Nuron, your employees in the field of energy and industrial plants can work safely and ergonomically - without compromising on performance.

Upgrading to Nuron

Get maximum power on one platform. To find out how you can easily convert your current projects to Nuron, contact us directly for a personal consultation.