Why purchase cordless power tools

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10 min. read, Jan 2024



Delivering the best power tools to the market requires constant innovation and the development of new technological solutions to make work simpler, faster and safer.

Our range of Nuron cordless power tools is designed to bring your corded and petrol-powered applications onto a single cordless platform. Whether you are breaking, cutting, drilling or fastening, battery powered tools offer a whole range of benefits on the job site in one place.

This means you can easily switch between tools for heavy applications, such as concrete drilling or breaking, to equipment for less intensive tasks easier than ever before. Not only does it save time, but it boasts added convenience to help you be more productive on site.   



Why choose the Nuron range?

Maximum performance and battery standardisation

The Nuron range delivers up to twice the power of equivalent 18V and 20V platforms thanks to our completely redesigned 22V battery-tool interface. In fact, the system is so powerful that you can achieve the performance of a 36V corded or petrol-powered system with the weight, balance and ergonomics of a 22V system.

On top of offering increased power, our 22V battery system provides more work-per-charge than ever before for greater efficiency, and all tools in the Nuron range run on the same 22V system.

This means that not only are the batteries interchangeable between different tools, but that co-ordinating and maintaining your fleet of equipment is instantly made much easier. One common platform for all your tools means less frustration, less risk and less expense throughout the organisation – as well as increased productivity.


Enhanced safety and comfort

Protecting yourself and your teams while using power tools is of the utmost important on every jobsite. There is no room for compromise in hazardous environments, and Nuron battery power tools deliver unmatched safety features through our technological innovations.

Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) is in place to minimise people’s exposure to hand-arm vibration as they work to decrease the chance of injury. Similarly, Active Torque Control (ATC) and SensTech technology reduces kickback if a tool is bound in material and shuts it off entirely if the operator’s hand is removed from the grip.

In case you do drop a Nuron tool, everything in this range comes with tethering options which are tested to the highest standards of safety. Finally, the Nuron range is equipped with Dust Removal Systems (DRS) technology which allows for almost dust-free cutting, drilling and breaking to reduce exposure to construction dust.  

Data-driven efficiency

Data-driven services have been incorporated into the Nuron range to let you harness the power of data without interfering with operations on site. Our Fleet Management and ON!Track systems are designed to work seamlessly with the Nuron range and help digitalise your tool park for maximum transparency and control.

Built-in diagnostics are in place to keep you up to date with the health of the batteries, and you will always be able to locate missing, idle or hoarded equipment to make sure that your fleet is being utilised as effectively as possible. Our data services will also let you know when tools need repairing and cut your running costs without interrupting the work flow. 


Cordless circular saws

SC 6WP-22 Cordless Plunge Saw

Precision plunge circular saw with high dust capture rate for clean and controlled, straight cuts in wood up to 53 mm│2-1/8” depth with guiderail.

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TE 50-22 Cordless Rotary Hammer

Ultimate class cordless rotary hammer drill with lighter weight, more power and less vibration for drilling and chiseling in concrete.

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DGH 130-22 Cordless concrete grinder

Cordless concrete grinder with brushless motor for grinding concrete joints and finishing surfaces.

View product

SBT 6-22 Cordless drill driver

Steel drilling and driving tool for predrilling accurate holes and installing S-BT screw-in studs.

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STR 4-22 Cordless Threaded Rod Cutter

Cordless compact threaded rod cutter for cutting threaded rods up to 10mm in diameter.

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SID 8-22 7/16“ Impact Driver

Ultimate class cordless impact driver for large diameter drilling and fastening.

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Altogether, these technological features which the Nuron range incorporates will help you better understand the health of your tools and allow you to make informed choices about the mix of tools and equipment you truly need. Data insights are a new frontier of efficiency in construction and Nuron allows you to harness and make use of that power.

Hilti’s cordless Nuron range offers a single platform to replace your corded and petrol-powered tools which will help you increase productivity, work more safely, be more flexible and become more efficient.