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Cordless impact drivers

Show me 12V and 22V cordless impact drivers designed for light and heavy-duty driving in metal, wood and concrete

Show me 12V and 22V cordless impact drivers designed for light and heavy-duty driving in metal, wood and concrete
Nuron SID 6-22 Cordless impact driver Power-class cordless impact driver with high-speed brushless motor and precise handling to help you save time on high-volume fastening jobs (Nuron battery platform)
SID 4-22 Cordless impact driver Compact brushless impact driver optimised for more reliable and efficient non-structural fastening in wood and metal (Nuron battery platform)

Cordless Impact Drivers

Compact, lightweight impact drivers for screw fastening in concrete, metal and wood

Our range of compact, lightweight cordless impact drivers allow you to perform light- to heavy-duty driving and fastening of hundreds or even thousands of settings per day. Other benefits include lower tool weights and improved ergonomics to help make work more comfortable when carrying out repetitive bolting, anchoring and driving tasks all day, or when working overhead. Thanks to the 22V Nuron platform you get the same powerful performance as corded tools, but without any of the inconvenience.

The right tool for every application

For more demanding applications, the SID 6-22 can tackle thousands of fastenings per day. If you need fewer settings per day (up to 100), try the SID 4-22. And the SID 4R-22 is compact enough to fit into cramped spaces, with enough length to reach in as far as needed.

Greater speed for fastening jobs

Our brushless motors, reliable higher performance fastening and quicker trigger times help you drive screws faster, getting more done in less time. A choice of gears and electronic speed control allows you to switch between different driving speeds and torque depending on requirements.

Longer runtime per battery charge

The Nuron 22V lithium-ion batteries, more efficient brushless motors and higher efficiency hammering mechanisms allow you to work longer on a single charge.

Better illumination on jobsites

Our impact drivers come with different lighting options, such as a light ring around the chuck in the SID 6-22, or four bright LEDs on the SID 4-22, providing all the glare-free illumination you need, at any time of day or night, and even in tight spaces. 


Affordable yet productive

The right amount of power for the task

If you just want to fasten up to 100 screws per day, you don’t need a top-of-the-range, super powerful impact driver that will blow your whole tool budget. The SID 4-22 is a compact class, small and light impact driver for those less demanding jobs such as prefab and formwork. It is affordable yet robust, saving you time and money both at the time of purchase and on repairs down the line.


Lighten up your workplace

No more struggling for a clear view of your applications

Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of trying to get a job done in bad lighting? Maybe you’re racing against the clock, trying to fasten a metal deck, and the daylight has started to fade. Or you’re hanging drywall and you can’t get enough light to see what you’re doing. Instead of trying to find an additional light source, or giving up the job until the following day, try the SID 6-22. It has a light ring around the chuck, helping to provide a clearer, unobstructed view of your application and allowing you to work early in the morning or into the evening. 


Get a grip

Save valuable time on jobsites when changing bits

Sometimes you want to wear gloves on the jobsite – it might be cold, or you want to avoid splinters – but that can make changing bits hard. Our cordless impact drivers come with click-in chucks and textured and contoured grips for easier bit changing, so even if you’re wearing work gloves you can change bits faster. The SID 8-22 also comes with a longer grip so you can keep a good hold on the tool when drilling into wood.


FAQs when buying cordless impact drivers

What is a cordless impact driver used for?

Impact drivers provide both the rotational force that you get with a drill plus impact for greater efficiency in driving screws and nuts. They are great for more safely and quickly driving in fasteners into tougher base materials such as steel, wood, masonry and concrete.

What is the difference between a cordless drill driver and a cordless impact driver?

The main difference between a drill driver and an impact driver is the power and rotational action you get with an impact driver. Impact drivers produce a lot of rotational force and more torque than drills, and are better for driving screws, whereas drills are better suited to boring holes. In addition, impact drivers are usually smaller and lighter than drills, making it more comfortable to use them for longer periods of time, and in tight spaces.

What should I look for when choosing a cordless impact driver?

Safety: If used incorrectly power tools can cause injuries or damage to materials. The advantage of impact drivers is their lack of reactionary torque while delivering outstanding performance. The impact driver sends its energy to the drive head instead of to your wrist, reducing the risk of fatigue or wrist injuries.

Power: if you are planning to do a higher number of settings (such as over 100 per day) then you are going to want more power (more torque), and a longer lasting battery.

Torque control: two or more speeds or torque settings on your impact driver will give you more torque control, lessening the risk of damage to the fasteners or base materials.

Ergonomics: as you may be using your impact driver for long periods of time, it is important that the tool is easy to handle. Look for a more ergonomic grip and lower weight when making your choice.

Durability: The design of the motor, hammering mechanism, electronics and housing should work together seamlessly, allowing your impact driver to last for years to come.